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Reading in Wolf Rock Class (Y6)
Scheme Readers:
Children who are using our reading scheme in Year 6 are a priority for us. We will endeavour to hear them read in school daily and strongly encourage this is reinforced at home through reading their issued scheme book. The children's understanding of what they read is paramount, so talking about the plot, characters or information contained will all be beneficial to their progress.
Karate Reading Bands:
All home reading by scheme readers contributes towards the children earning different coloured Karate Reading Bands. Please see the additional information below.
Tree Readers:
Once children are ready to progress from the scheme they become a 'tree reader'. This means that we are encouraging them to make their own decisions in what they read next, whilst still guiding them towards reading choices that are suitable for their continued reading development through our tree themed 'Reading Rambles'. This allows us to ensure that all children are continuing to access a broad variety of book genres and authors, but still ensuring their reading ability is both supported and challenged to continually progress.
Library books:
In addition to reading books, all children also have access to the school library to regularly update their library book. The intention of a library book is that they select a title to take home to share. This is part of how we develop a love of reading in our children. We want them to pick books that catch their attention or spark their imagination that is less about them being able to access independently, but instead to access with an adult at home for a shared experience.
Books in class:
Our literacy learning is mostly based around a class reader. We have class sets of suitable texts to support both the children's development of reading, comprehension and inference and their writing. Each day we progress as a class with the text and then use it for a literacy learning that day, building on either reading or writing skills where appropriate. 'Book talk' is a big part of this and we use D.E.R.I.C. to help the children become more informed and independent in accessing and interpreting a text.
In addition to our whole class reader, we timetable for the children to have reading for pleasure time each day and each term have fresh boxes of topic books provided by the library service, a well stocked book corner with fiction, non-fiction and poetry titles, a growing selection of 'Year 6 Must Reads' and a class story which is read to the children each day.
You will find details below of our current class reader and class story, 50 recommended reads for Year 6 children, Recommended Reads for reluctant readers in UKS2 and an explanation of D.E.R.I.C.