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Learning to Read & Reading to Learn
Supporting Early Reading in Tater Du
Early reading ignites creativity, sparks curiosity, and stimulates the imagination in young children.  At St Just Primary we know that for children, reading is a magical power that unlocks learning in all areas of the curriculum. It is so wonderful to watch the progress that the children make, from the very beginning of the phonics scheme, to that magical moment when the penny drops and they want to 'sound out' every word that they see. 
For more information on how Early Reading is taught and encouraged at St Just Primary - please see the guidance below.
St Just Primary - Early Reading Guidance.
This document outlines how Early Reading is taught and promoted at St Just Primary School. In addition, you will find ways in which you can support your child's reading skills at home.
50 Recommended Read for EYFS
This is a list of the 50 most recommended books for EYFS children.
We are currently building up a stock of these books within the classroom so that we can all share and experience these high quality texts during our learning and story time sessions.
Reading For Pleasure - Reading Rocks
As part of our drive to encourage reading for pleasure - the children are currently undertaking Reading Rocks challenges at home. There are ten fun and silly challenges that the children can complete in any order they like. Once they have completed all of the challenges they will receive a certificate and a small reading prize for their efforts.