Following four days of SATs, Wolf Rock class spent the day on Friday 13th learning about food and nutrition by designing and making their own pizzas. After weighing and measuring out the required quantities, the children mixed their dry and wet ingredients to form a dough for their pizza base. This was then followed by learning new cutting skills to prepare their chosen toppings. A BIG thank you to our wonderful school chef, Mrs Osborne, for cooking our pizzas.
Every child enjoyed tucking into their pizza in the afternoon while watching our post-SATs celebratory film. Very tasty if you ask me!
On Wednesday, Wolf Rock enjoyed a visit to Porthurno Telegraph Museum as part of out WW2 topic.
The children explored the museum and tunnels dug into the cliff-face, learning about the significance of Porthcurno during WW2 and its importance in helping the war effort. The children also built circuits to explore Morse code as a form of communication during the war.
A big thank you to Paul from the museum for such an insightful tour and visit.