Welcome to St Just Primary School


St Just School Council Mission Statement
We will work together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible.
We will be the 'pupil voice' and communicate the thoughts and ideas of the pupils with staff.
We aim to make all pupils feel happy and safe at school.
We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.
We aim to listen to other and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.

About Us


Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council. Every member of the school council is voted in by their class. The school council has regular meetings in school to discuss ideas which are then discussed with the Headteacher. The school council meet regularly with other schools in the cluster where ideas are shared. These meetings often result in changes being made from suggestions made by pupils. 


School Council Meeting   15/1/2024


(ALL Councilors present and Luke invited to discuss his role)


Anti-Bullying Champion – Luke  

Luke is the ‘Anti Bullying Champion of our School.

His roles:


Monitor behavior in the playground

Can be approached by children that ‘need a friend’ to play with

Will monitor ‘Buddy stops’ alongside councilors.


Outdoor Learning:


More sport opportunity outside

Outdoor maths would be very exciting

More planting outside

DT/Craft – birdfeeders, planters, bug hotels

Acting/shows – make more use of the stage in KS1 playground



Cake sale Comic Relief – to be organized by council (Friday 17 March)

Opportunity to introduce calming areas around the school for pupils who are finding things difficult.

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