Welcome to St Just Primary School


Our school utilizes the White Rose Maths scheme to plan and deliver the mathematics curriculum. This scheme offers a structured framework that ensures the key areas of learning are covered progressively throughout the academic year. However, it is important for you to know that we do not rigidly adhere to this scheme. Rather, we adapt our approach based on ongoing assessments of your child's needs.
Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to our daily "number bonds" practice. During these brief three-minute sessions, students engage in the consolidation of their tables. By focusing on regular practice, your child will develop fluency in essential numeracy skills. We have found that this approach greatly enhances their ability to recall and apply mathematical concepts across various problem-solving scenarios.

In addition to the daily "number bonds" sessions, our students also participate in Club 99, a weekly differentiated five-minute test. This activity aims to consolidate their mathematical skills further, while simultaneously promoting a sense of healthy competition and resilience. Through such regular and targeted learning opportunities, we believe our students will not only develop a strong mathematical foundation but also gain proficiency in applying their knowledge to practical situations.

To support your child's mathematical progress outside of school hours, we kindly request that you encourage them to practice our class KIRFS (key instant recall facts). These essential facts are designed to be revisited regularly, fostering swift and confident recall. We encourage you to allocate a few minutes a day to extend your child's learning in this area, as it can significantly contribute to their overall mathematical fluency.