First IN Crowd meeting next Tuesday the 6th of February at 2 p.m. Everyone welcome


This half term we have used our baking skills to make our delicious cookies for not only our DT project, but also to sell at our amazing Christmas Fair.
We have also linked our baking to our school values project, where this half term we have been learning new life skills and  focusing on our school value, enthusiasm.
The cookies were a great hit and we even managed to make extra so we could enjoy them as well.
This half term science was exciting as we learnt all about different materials. We went on a hunt around the school looking for different materials and why objects were made from certain materials.
We tested different materials to see how many properties they had. This was great fun as we had some hands on testing.
To finish off our topic on materials. Our class teddy needed a waterproof umbrella. We set about by testing several materials to see if they would be waterproof for the job. We spent time examining the materials and then predicted the ones we thought would be the best for the job.
For some of the materials our patience was tested as we waited to see if the water would absorbed through the materials used.