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See our film below shown to the World Leaders at COP28!

Schools Across The Ocean · GreenFutures (exeter.ac.uk)


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One World St Just Project


We recognise that our pupils live in a mono-cultural in West Cornwall and our school context is 96% white British. The school location deprivation indicator is in quintile 4 (more deprived) of all schools. The pupil base is in quintile 4 (more deprived) of all schools in terms of deprivation. We therefore feel as a school, it is our duty to ensure our pupils have good knowledge of the world around them and as ‘active citizens’ are aware of, and act upon, challenges facing not only their immediate location and the UK but also as ‘one world’.

Project work will be around pupils having a growing knowledge of different cultures and environments and where possible class projects will link to the UN sustainability development goals.

Each class will be twinned with another school and the context and relational distance to St Just increased as they go through the school.


EYFS Local school
YEAR 1 School in the County
YEAR 2 School in the UK
YEAR 3 School in the Europe
YEAR 4 School in the Europe
YEAR 5 International school
YEAR 6 International school


This is a newly established project which will be reviewed each term to establish possible links with other areas of the curriculum. The school are working towards the International Schools Status – Foundational Level in the Autumn Term, Intermediate Level being achieved in the Summer Term and full accreditation in 2024-25.

Year 6 pupils have taken part in a project funded by the British Embassy to send the ‘voice of the child’ to COP28. The project involved the school being twinned with a school in the United Arab Emirates and is based on a range of activities to grow pupils understanding of sustainable development and climate change. The children learnt about the environment and climate through a range of art, writing and science projects, linked to Exeter University.