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PE IS ON MONDAYS! Please make sure kits are in school.

In term 6 our topic is Trading Places: Britain or Brazil?

We will be looking at where Brazil is and what it is like. We will be focusing on the carnivals in Rio and looking into the animals of the Amazon Rainforest.

Why not drop by and see how Round Island has transformed into the Amazon Rainforest!



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For Trading Places: Britain or Brazil

Our recent heart start day, Wednesday 22nd June. Children in Round Island learnt what to do if they found an unconscious casualty. 

Our recent trip to the Minack Theatre, Thursday 23rd June. 

This year we watched 'Danny the Champion of the World'.

Maths Websites to help us...


Nessy Numbers

KS1 BBC Bitesize

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This half term we had several homework tasks based on our topic 'Sowing and Growing'. Like last half term, we were amazed with the homework brought in! Fantastic!