St Just Primary School

welcome to Round Island


This half-term’s topic is…


What makes a home?


We will be learning…

Literacy -

Reading – Our class comprehension books this half-term are A Squash and a Squeeze and The Twits.

Writing - Recounts. biographies, composing invitations and letter composition.

Maths – Focusing on addition and subtraction and mastering the 2x tables.

Science - Materials – We be learning about qualities, strength, lightness, transparency, flexibility, water tight and old and new.

History – Comparing the lives & times of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II

Geography - The commonwealth & what’s included and the history of the Union Jack.

Art - Royal portraits and creating their own.

Design and Technology - Making 3D picture frames for portraits. X-stitch embroidery, Vic samplers and making our own bookmarks.

Spanish – Learning the basics with Mr. Gaffney

Music – Beats, pulses and music from other cultures.

PE – Balance and agility.

RE – Why Christmas matters to Christians.

ICT - Taking photographs and adding information to make multimedia PowerPoint.