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Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I am looking forward to teaching your children over the coming year. We have such exciting topics in Year 4 and I am looking forward to see all the fantastic work that the children will produce. It has been an extremely challenging time for everyone and I understand that many of the children will have anxieties about their return to school. I want to assure you that as the class teacher nothing is more important to be than the pupils happiness and well-being. Although there are changes to the school environment the classroom will be what it always is, a place of creativity, learning and fun!

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 In the slideshow below you can see what your classmates have been up to whilst home from school. All of the images below were sent to Mr Matthews via the Seesaw App.

If you want to join in the fun, send pictures, homework or just share what you are doing then; click on the link below, enter the password that Mr Matthews has sent to your parents and have a look and see what everyone is doing.



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Year 4 Homework Autumn 2020

Tasks to support learning – What did the Romans do for us?

Below are 6 activities to do with an adult at home. We would like you to choose 2 of them and bring them in to school to before half term. Choose one activity from the ‘A’ section (written work) and one from the ‘B’ section (art work). If you need anything to help you to complete the tasks you choose, ask an adult from Year 4.




Write a short biography of a famous Roman

Make a Roman Shield

Make a shield like a Roman soldier would use.

Information Text on Life in Ancient Rome

Explain what life was like in Roman about 2,000 years ago. Find out about how people lived, what houses were like, roads, entertainment, etc. Write using sub-headings to organise your ideas.


Draw the different clothes people used to wear and label them. Did everyone dress in the same way? Consider the difference between the rich and the poor.

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry as a Roman emperor, soldier or of a gladiator explaining what life would be like.


Research what mosaics were. Produce your own mosaic picture/ pattern







 Roman Mosaics, Swords, Shields & roman pots