St Just Primary School

School Clubs



At St Just Primary we offer a range of after school clubs! Parents and carers are required to complete a permission slip prior to a child attending the club.A clubs letter comes out to all children during the first week of each term, Autumn, Spring and Summer and children may sign up with the adult leading the club.

Clubs include, table tennis, football, drama club, gardening, games, dance etc. and change each term.

After School Clubs

Day Club Year Groups Teacher Where?



Board Games

Years 4-6

Years 3-6

Year 3 - 4

Mr Kevern

Mr Treneer

Either school field or sports'hall

Year 3 class



Bug Club

Years 4-6

Years 1, 2

Mr Bowman

Mrs Burlton, Miss Nicholls

School Hall

Computer Room

Wednesday Paper Craft Years 1 - 2 Miss Downing
Thursday Creative Writing Years 4- 6 Mr Matthews
Friday Hockey Years 4 - 6 Mr Curnow

We are very keen for your children to take part in the wide variety of clubs on offer.

We do expect a commitment from your child to attend every week.

If your child is unable to attend or decides to not continue with a club please inform us asap so that another child can take their place.