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H O M E W O R K   –   A U T U M N    O N E

What do I need to be me?

Dear Parents / Carers,


The best way you can support your child’s mathematical development is by encouraging them to keep practising their times tables and number bonds. This half term we are focusing on the 10x table, where we are aiming for the children to all be confident answering any question that involves multiplying or dividing by 10, e.g. six 10s are? How many 10s in forty? With their number bonds, we are aiming for the children to build their confidence and pace with their number bonds to 20, as this helps them to establish the basic number patterns which make all further maths more accessible to them as they progress through the school. As always, if you have internet access at home, we encourage all children to log in to and use Sum Dog when they can.


Please aim to read at home with your child most days. Year 2 is about how their understanding of what they are reading is developing, so please ask them lots of questions as they are going along. In school, we will be focusing more on this side of reading through small reading group activities rather than listening to individual readers.


Each Friday I will send home spellings on a small, laminated card that the children can keep with them throughout the week. There will be 10 spellings to learn at home and they will be tested on them the following Friday. There will also be a word-search, a handwriting sheet and a look, write, check sheet for each set of spellings. These should be handed in the following Friday. I will try to put the spellings up on the class page on the school website each Friday, so if your child is away they won’t loose time to learn them, but I apologise in advance for any weeks when time prevents this.

Topic Grid (Overleaf):

Our topic ‘What do I need to be me?’ is all about enabling the children to be more aware of themselves, their needs and their surroundings. As such, their homework for this first half term is to learn to be more helpful at home. Overleaf there is a grid of age appropriate jobs for the children to complete over the course of the next six weeks. It is up to you as individual families to decide which and how many of the different tasks your child has a go at, but I will award them a house point for every job you award them the full three ticks for. Hopefully this homework will lead to your child being more aware of all you do for them, and in time allow you both more time to have fun together knowing that between you all jobs are done and sorted!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to pop in and see me after school, and remember, all our homework is aimed at helping you do what you can to support your child at home, it’s not an expectation that all things are done all the time!!!

Many thanks, Mister Curnow

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